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#2021 #2022 #adhd #parenting Dec 30, 2021

2021 has been challenging for most people in our lovely community.   I have been reflecting and taking a little minute over the Christmas break to think about what I want for me and my family in 2022.  What can we change to make 2022 as enjoyable as possible?

For most of us we just want to have a little more time to slow down and enjoy things.  Most of us are a little bit burnt out by 2021. 

I wanted to give you a little gift to say thank you for being a part of this community.  Below is my FREE "Start the year right checklist".  Print it, pop it on the fridge and work your way through the checklist over the next few weeks.  It will give you a little head start and help your family be organised going into 2022.  I do it every year and it always feels good to have these items organised and not left to the last minute.  

More than any other task on this list, I really want you to schedule in time for you.  I know you have a busy life, I know it is intense.  But you need to live this life for you too.  I want you to do more of what makes you happy in 2022.  If you don't schedule it in and make a plan for it, time rolls by so fast you will never get to it.  You are important.  You do an incredible job raising kids with extra needs and in case no one has told you recently, I am proud of you.

"Stop looking for happiness in the same place that you lost it" - Jay Shetty

What makes us happy changes over time and it is worth taking a minute to think about you.  What makes you happy now? Is it the same or has it changed?

For me, I know what makes me happy and it is pretty simple really:

- I like to walk near the water, particularly around Cronulla and the South Coast
- I like to spend time alone to rejuvenate - I need space to breathe
- I like to cook food and try new dishes (especially in my Thermomix)
- I like to laugh with my friends (you know those big belly laughs that you can't stop!)
- I like to get facials mainly because the lady that does mine is super nurturing and caring and I always walk out feeling relaxed
- I like to spend one on one time with my kids (mummy dates have been so helpful in maintaining connection in our busy lives)

All of these things are pretty easy to schedule in but they are the type of thing that gets missed in the craziness of life.  So I want to know, what makes you happy?  What things are you going to schedule in for 2022?  I want YOU to be a priority this year.

I hope that you love this checklist and find it as handy as I do.



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