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About the Founder

Sharon is an ADHD coach and mother to 3 boys.  Her husband and her three sons all have severe ADHD (throw in some Tourettes, ODD, SPD and SLD too).  She is passionate about helping parents create home environments that are functional and joyful by streamlining the day to day tasks with innovative systems that work with the ADHD brain.

As well as Sharon's lived experience, she has been researching ADHD for over 13 years and currently studies with ADDCA in New York.

She absolutely loves helping families that are struggling under the pressures of raising children with ADHD.

Sharon has runs on the board, assisting over 20,000 families since The Functional Family was created.  Sharon has won multiple awards including Business Awards - Outstanding Education Service, AusMumpreneur - Disabled Business Excellence, People's Choice Leadership, People's Choice Making a Difference and the Cook's Community Award.

Sharon enjoys being near the sea, spending one on one time with her boys and with her two boxer dogs... who are more like living cartoon characters than dogs.

Are you interested in a one-on-one coaching call with Sharon? Find out more here

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ADHD and Families is our 6 week program that steps you through everything that you need to know as a parent of a child with ADHD and/or behavioural challenges.


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