We create joyful and functional family 

environments with ADHD

The ADHD Families Membership will reopen for enrolment in 2025.


Living with ADHD can be exhausting and stressful.

I am an award winning credentialed ADHD coach & consultant who is here to help you improve your family life with ADHD, by learning to work with the ADHD brain instead of against it, create systems to save you time, streamline daily tasks and decrease conflict. Best of all you will be surrounded by a community of incredible humans all going through similar transformations.


ADHD and Families Membership

The ONLY membership that helps the whole family with ADHD


A membership where you will learn how to improve your families processes to work with the ADHD brain. Create time for joy and understand ADHD. 


Let me know if this sounds familiar...

  • you feel like you are always putting out spot fires all day
  • you love your kids but find their behaviour overwhelming
  • there is so much information about ADHD but you are unsure what steps to implement to get results for your family

If this sounds like you, then keep on reading

You know these things need to change...

You are burnt out and exhausted by raising children with extra needs

You read lots of information about ADHD but struggle to implement strategies

You feel like you are doing lots but not getting anywhere

You feel alone in the journey

It doesn't have to be that way

Imagine how it would feel to...

Have a professional certified ADHD coach guide you on the best strategies to work with the ADHD brain

Have an amazing community of people to support you

Get clear steps and customised templates to achieve more than you ever thought possible for your family

Be treated with compassion and respect from someone who lives it everyday just like you

It is possible to have a easy, happy, joyful life with ADHD.  Let me help you get there

"I just wanted to say thank you.  You have transformed my life, given me so much more understanding. Helped me think about scaffolding, modelling, connections, empathy and really empowered me with so many tools, vocabulary and confidence. Thanks so much"

- Janai

I want you to know I get you and can help:

- I have lived experience. My husband and my 3 gorgeous boys have ADHD

- My home life was exhausting and I changed it.  I want to shortcut this journey for you

- I have formal qualifications with the ADDCA in New York and the International Coaching Federation and have been recognised with many awards for my work and passion

- I have been studying ADHD for over 15 years

- I have runs on the board and a have helped over 35,000 families 

- I care deeply for this community.  To me this is personal.

Life is too short to just be surviving each day.  You deserve better.

Ready to change your life?


Here's how it all shakes out...

Monthly Topic

Every month has one topic / theme - so it's not overwhelming.

Everything is recorded so you can watch live or when it suits you.  You can watch or listen on your phone too.

Monthly Workshop

A monthly workshop with Sharon or special expert. Each month we will focus on a certain topic (relating to making your life easier with ADHD in your family).

Bespoke Templates

Bespoke templates to help you implement what you have learnt in the workshop.

Mindset Sessions

Monthly mindset or body doubling sessions with an expert

Private Community

A private community supporting each other.

Tools & Strategies

Practical tools and easy strategies - We are big on anything that makes life easier, more fun and streamlined with ADHD.





Membership Love

Topics we cover in 2024:

  • February: Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria
  • March: Online Safety
  • April: Beating ADHD Burnout
  • May: Life Organisation Skills
  • June: Nutrition
  • July: Self Esteem
  • August: Screentime
  • September: Oppositional Behaviours
  • October: Sleep
  • November: Christmas and Holiday Planning
  • December: 2024 Review and 2025 Planning

Want a sneak peek inside the Membership?


"I'm loving the membership, it's a safe place to learn from others without judgement or negativity which is often associated with kids with ADHD with the support of a team of well educated staff on the topic."

- Jaclyn

Is this Membership for me?

Who it's for

  • Parents of children with ADHD
  • Parents who also have ADHD
  • Parents who would like to learn more about ADHD
  • Parents who would like to improve processes to work with the ADHD brain
  • People who would like to save time
  • People who want to build¬†executive function skills

Who it's NOT for

  • People who are not interested in learning about ADHD
  • Those who are not able to commit to approximately 3 hours per month
  • People who are not open to trying new things

"I just wanted to say how valuable I found this month's session on connection. I'm really loving the content!"

- Teena

"Such a great range of topics covered."

- Roxanne


$97/month or $1067/Year

Prices are in AUD and inclusive of GST

  • Monthly Workshops sessions with Sharon or an expert
  • Monthly mindset or body doubling sessions with an expert
  • Access to complete library of all previous workshops, mindset sessions and templates
  • Bespoke templates
  • Practical tools and easy strategies
  • Access to a supportive, private community¬†

- Best value
- One month FREE
- Exclusive workshop bonuses such as meal planning mini course
- Priority Support


ūüĎĎ Membership + Support Plan

$197/month or $2167/year

Prices are in AUD and inclusive of GST

  • Monthly Workshops¬†sessions with Sharon or an expert
  • Monthly¬†mindset¬†or¬†body doubling¬†sessions with an expert
  • Monthly¬†Ask Me Anything¬†session with Sharon to get support and strategies tailored¬†to your family
  • Access to complete¬†library¬†of all previous workshops, mindset sessions and templates
  • Bespoke¬†templates
  • Practical tools¬†and easy strategies
  • Access to a supportive, private¬†community


- Best value
- One month FREE
- Exclusive workshop bonuses such as meal planning mini course
- Priority Support

- Exclusive 30-Day Challenge
- A Private Parent Mentoring Session with Sharon

Get practical tools and

Have a beautiful community cheering you on

Not only will the Membership equip you with practical strategies to try with your family but you will feel supported, inspired and motivated to keep going.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common ones that people ask before joining ADHD Families Membership. If you still have more, go ahead and email [email protected]


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