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Life changing strategies to support parents of children with ADHD, anxiety or behavioural challenges

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The Functional Family was created because we know how tough it can get out there! We want to change your family from just surviving life day to day to thriving and enjoying life.

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Streamline your day to day routine and save time for the important things. Set your household up for success and enjoy more quality time with your family.

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Forget the psycho-babble. I'm talking parent to parent here. This is down to earth, tried and tested, practical strategies that work.

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We deliberately keep text low (as we know you don’t have time to read).  Short videos and daily tasks will get your family to where it wants to be.

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The Functional Family story

I knew my eldest son had ADHD from very early on. My husband has severe ADHD and we knew what to look for. I wanted to help him and our family, and what followed was 10 years of research and trialling everything I could to help my little boy.

We did everything, occupational therapy, speech therapy, GAPS Diet, RPA Diet, Paleo Diet, Integrative Paediatricians, Developmental Paediatricians, Child Psychologists, cutting out all colours and preservatives, behavioural therapy and then different medications.  

Everything helped to a certain degree but our homelife was exhausting!  I began developing systems and routines to try and make my home life easier. I noticed that the more routined and organised our family became the calmer our ADHD family members would behave. 

I've learned that by working with your child's strengths and creating easy to understand systems you can improve how your family functions.

You'll get back your time and energy, but most importantly you can now create space for the good stuff!


Sharon - Founder of The Functional Family

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"Sharon is one of the greatest mothers I know and I am so happy she's put this course together. Sharon has totally mastered calming the chaos and taking the tornado of life and restoring the joy. She has so many life hacks to make the daily world of a family with ADHD feel organised, productive and fun. I can highly recommend grabbing a piece of that knowledge! "

Tina Tower

Get help raising ADHD kids

Our 6 week course that gently steps you through everything that you need to know as a parent of a child with ADHD. This course is designed to work with the whole family.


Thank you so much for every single person that voted for us. Thank you for your continued support.

The Functional Family was born out of pure need. I wanted to help families affected by ADHD (just like mine).

In just our first year of business we have helped over 11 thousand families through our one on one coaching, our 6 week course and our 7 day free course.

We have generated a beautiful supportive community through our private facebook groups where families can ask questions and receive caring support and know that they are not alone. Our free blog continues to offer tips and tricks and sometimes a bit of a giggle or a cry to those who read it. I have been interviewed by many podcasts and will continue to push for discussions to increase awareness and understanding.

One of the things I am most proud of is our regional reach. I love our members from the country! The 6 week online course has access via interviews with some of the best specialists in the country and I am starting to see more and more GPs and pediatricians recommend it.

Every cent that this company has ever made has gone back into this business, it has been a labour of love and I will continue to advocate for all families affected by ADHD. We will end the stigma and change people's perceptions. I do not want another single ADHD child to grow up believing they are broken. Because simply, they are not broken, they are different, they are magnificent and the worlds need them.


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