This session has now passed.  If you would like to watch the replay go here (replay available for 8 days).


Parenting is hard... but parenting kids with ADHD is a whole new level.  My guess is you are feeling overwhelmed and under supported.  There is a real lack of clear practical strategies that work out there.


I am going to break through the noise and give you 3 steps to having an easier life with ADHD in the family. 


Who is this for:

- Parents, grandparents and carers of kids with ADHD
- People with ADHD (if you have ADHD yourself)
- People who are keen to take action and make improvements to their family life

You will get:

- a 50 min interactive workshop

- clear practical strategies
- Sharon's targeted framework to make family life easier with ADHD
- a pretty workbook to ensure easy implementation of what you learn
- a supportive community for accountability
- 3 live session times (so you can choose the time/dates that suit you)
- a recording to watch for 8 days 

About the Host:

Sharon is an award winning, credentialed, families trained ADHD coach and consultant who specialises in life changing, practical strategies and support for ADHD.  With over 15 years in this space, and after helping over 35000 families she has runs on the board and does this because she absolutely loves it.  All her favourite people in the world have ADHD - with all 3 of her sons and husband having ADHD (throw in ODD, Tourette's, SPD, SLD in there too), she lives it everyday and knows that you can have a functional joyful life with ADHD and wants to share this with you.

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