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Ep 10 - Late Diagnosis with Jules Galloway

Season #1

Jules Galloway has been my naturopath and friend for a long time. Recently she has been diagnosed with ADHD.   It makes sense because all my favourite people have ADHD.

In today's episode we hear a little about Jules' story.  Here are the important parts:

  • Jules galloway’s story. 0:00
    • Jules' ADHD diagnosis
    • Jules' childhood and background
  • How did you know you had ADHD? 2:23
    • The diagnosis of combined type ADHD
    • Starting a podcast about combined type ADHD
  • Finding out about ADHD 5:11
    • Being a naturopath
    • ADHD getting missed in females
    • Processing the diagnosis
  • How to pick yourself up from burnout 10:58
    • Sprinting mentality and burning out and recovering from burnout
    • The new word, enablerish
  • Herbs and supplements 14:03
    • Nervous system herbs to support the nervous system
    • How women burn out faster than men
    • Jules biohacking her way through life, taking specific nutrients
    • Her secret weapon, the bathtub
  • Meditation is tough 19:35
    • Meditation, surfing and going for a walk in nature
    • ADHD and hyperactivity
  • What is relaxing to you? 22:53
    • The importance of finding what is relaxing to you
  • Things you can do to help with ADHD 32:17
    • Things naturopaths can do to help with ADHD and comorbidities
    • Perimenopause can make ADHD symptoms less manageable
    • The importance of having a team around you
    • Where to find Jules on social media

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