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Ep 21 - A low tox life with ADHD and Alexx Stuart

Season #1

In this episode Alexx Stuart and Sharon chat about Alexx's recent ADHD diagnosis, living a low tox life, mould illnesses and 3 steps to have a healthier life with ADHD

Key takeaways:

2.28m Why Alexx created Low Tox Life
7.00m Why is living a low tox life is important to Alexx
8.10m It is about the simple swaps
9.40m Dopamine shopping/seeking
12.00m Alexx's ADHD diagnosis
14.20m Last minute high achiever
20.40m Leaning into the good stuff
21.50m What has changed for Alexx since getting a formal diagnosis
26.00m The ADHD brains incredible ideas
28.00m Mould exposure and illness
30.00m Mould and dopamine
36.00m What makes a low tox life important when you have ADHD
40.00m 3 easy things for a healthy life with ADHD

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