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Ep 23 - Key Parenting Shifts with Sharon Collon

Season #1

In this episode we delve into parenting shifts or lessons that I have learnt and that are common in this beautiful community with a view to highlighting and shortcutting success for your family. 

Key points and timestamps:

2.00m - Comparing your parenting journey
3.50m - The developmental delay
6.50m - Getting stuck in what is not working
7.40m - Parenting from survival mode
8.24m - Viewing your family life from external perspective
10.44m - Absorbing information about ADHD but not taking action
12.55m - Letting our kids know we mean what we say and will show up
14.21m - Forgetting that family life is supposed to have joy
15.50m - What makes your family shine
18.54m - Our energy is important
20.05m - Modelling regulation

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