Ep 25 - 10 Tips for Grandparents to help their family with ADHD

Season #1

This is a very special episode for our beautiful children's Grandparents (PLEASE SHARE IT). Here are my top 10 tips for supporting your gorgeous Grandchildren with ADHD.

Grandparents have such an important role in our children's lives and it is a role that comes with a wonderful opportunity for connection. 

2.00m The important role of the Grandparent
4.10m Education about and understanding ADHD
7.50m Treating it with compassion
10.10m Common stigmas that come along with ADHD
12.50m The strength based approach
15.50m Comparison and frustration
18.30m Supporting the parents
22.00m Grandparents are a safe harbour
23.40m Connection over correction
27.00m A collaborative approach
28.00m Avoid jumping to advice and allowing the individual to problem solve
31.00m Recognising WON'T from CAN'T
39.00m Doing resets and unconditional regard

Please SHARE this episode with your child's Grandparents, friends and family.


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