Ep 32 - Anger, aggression and ADHD

Season #2

Anger is a big emotion and it often causes a lot of distress.  When we act from the red zone we often regret our actions. 

But how do we support our kids that show anger and aggression?  This stumps a lot of parents because we also getting flooded and dysregulated by this display of emotion. 

Anger issues and ADHD are common so today's podcast episode we chat to the incredible Rebecca Challoner about anger, aggression and ADHD. 

Key points and timestamp:
2.40m Rebecca's ADHD journey
4.00m My Spirited Child
5.40m Let's chat about anger and ADHD
7.00m Regulation and anger
10.50m Rebecca's examples on how to work with anger
16.00m What if you struggle with your own regulation?
25.00m What to do after the hole is punched in the wall?
29.00m Using shame
30.00m Regulation strategies
38.00m The myths around consistency and managing expectations
39.50m The parent's empty threat
41.00m Teaching through role modelling, respectful communication and collaboration

About Rebecca Challoner 
As well as being the Founder of My Spirited Child, and the National PEKE Centre, Rebecca Challoner is also a Writer, Presenter and Trainer. Most importantly Rebecca is Mum to two boys who have ADHD and Rebecca herself also has diagnosed ADHD as does her Husband. 
Rebecca is currently a member of the Reference Council for the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health at Monash University and has written hundreds of articles, two eBooks, numerous short books and guides. Rebecca has provided support to parents and educators all over the world. And has featured in countless magazines, newspapers and radio shows as well as presenting a full length DVD Documentary. Rebecca has also worked alongside many incredible organisations, including consulting to Special Olympics Australia. In 2020 Rebecca was delighted to be announced as an AusMumpreneur Gold Award Winner.
Rebecca has presented at many conferences and events both nationally and internationally. Rebecca also trains teachers and professionals in schools and organisations.
Rebecca has numerous qualifications including Diplomas in Sociology and Psychology. As well as a Law degree with Honours. Rebecca has also attended many courses and trainings over her decades within the industry on neurodivergent conditions and Mental Health.


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