The Family Day Out Checklist with ADHD 

Jun 21, 2023

Scrolling through Facebook,  you see all the photos of families enjoying family time together. “Holidays! #blessed” “Family Fun Day”.  We often can’t help but to compare our family's lives to others. As a mum of 3 boys with ADHD (throw some Tourette’s, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, sensory processing disorder and specific learning disorders in there too), I know that often our family days out can end in tears… or sometimes in emergency room visits eeekkkk.  We have had our fair share of disasters - all of us leaving the...

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ADHD brain hacks to help your child focus

Jul 04, 2022

"Why can't you just focus?!!!"

It is the night before an important assignment is due at school. It is on the most boring of topics. Your child has left it to the last minute. Every time they try and switch their brain into gear to get it done, it gets worse.  They can't focus.  You can feel your stress rising.  Why can't they just focus! The more they try, the harder it gets!

I know you understand what I am talking about. It is so hard for people with ADHD to focus on things that they are not interested in. I watch my kids (and husband) struggle with this daily. Sometimes...

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10 things I want my children with ADHD to know

Mar 22, 2022

I was thinking about what the most important things are that I want my kids to know as they navigate through life with ADHD. We get so caught up in just surviving each day that I loved the idea of sitting down and writing a list of the things I want them to learn from my experiences.

I have 3 boys with ADHD and I spent some time last weekend thinking about what I want them to learn from me.  Not as an ADHD coach but as their mum.  What advice would I give them or what are 10 things that I would like them to know.

Here they are:

1. Friends

I know making and keeping friends can be...

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Looking after yourself series #3 (Chronic Fatigue)

Jul 13, 2021

What is Chronic Fatigue?

In our final 5 minute video in this mini series, Jules discusses Chronic Fatigue and energy levels.

We hope you have loved our mini series. If you have any suggestions for another mini series, reach out to us at [email protected]

You can check out Jules' podcast and website by following the below links.

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Looking after yourself series #2 (Stress)

Jul 13, 2021

What can we do when we can't take away the stress?

In our second 5 minute video of our Looking after yourself series, the wonderful Jules will talk about this important topic and how we can manage stresses.

We hope you are loving these brilliant and helpful videos!

Look out for our third and final video from Jules on Chronic Fatigue, it will be on it's way to you soon.

To find out more about what Jules does please see below:


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Looking after yourself series #1 (Sleep)

Jul 13, 2021

Hey - are you exhausted?

I talk a lot about how important it is to take care of ourselves because what we deal with each day can be challenging. 

We need to have something left in our tank to weather the storm of life. I am so lucky to show you this series of three short 5 minute videos from our wonderful naturopath friend, Jules Galloway, as she touches on sleep, stress and chronic fatigue.

Today's blog is all about SLEEP 

Jules works with women with fatigue and exhaustion.  She really brings so many valuable tips in these 5 minute videos.

It is well worth a watch, so...

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Interview with Kim Hopkins from Lives In The Balance (Trainer for Dr Ross Greene)

Jun 23, 2021
What do you do when your child shows challenging behaviours?
Have you read The Explosive Child by Ross Greene?
Do you wish you had better strategies when responding to your child?
Do you want to work WITH your child to improve behaviours?

I had the wonderful opportunity to chat with Kim Hopkins from Lives In The Balance (who works closely with and trains people on Dr Ross Greene's methods (Author of The Explosive Child to help bring his strategies into practice).  Kim was AMAZING and full of incredibly practical information and helpful advice on dealing with challenging...

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Let's call a family meeting

Apr 02, 2021


It is time to bring back the family meeting! 

We are a family, but it doesn't always feel that way. Sometimes it feels like we are all running our own race with the intensity of life.  The family meeting brings us back together so we feel connected and know what is going on with each others lives.

The ADHD brain is often an anxious brain.  They are worried about what is coming next.  Their brain is often comforted by routine and consistency.  Having a family meeting shows each family member what is coming up.  It also has the added...

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Tools for Teachers

Oct 20, 2020

There is no doubt, teachers are magical humans.  Their job is one of the hardest, most important jobs in the whole world. 

One amazing teacher has the ability to change a student's life.  They impact how a student feels about learning.  When a child thinks their teacher likes or gets them, they try harder.

When my husband was in primary school, not much was widely known about ADHD.  He was very disruptive and sometimes aggressive in the classroom - there were not many strategies then about handling ADHD kids. 

The Principal saw something in Anthony.  He...

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A note from a kid with ADHD: How to be my friend

Jun 24, 2020

So often our kids with ADHD struggle to maintain friendships. As parents we do so much work counselling our kids on how to make friends and what they should do to keep them.

It occurred to me that there is no resource that we can provide neurotypical children/families about how to be friends with a kid with ADHD.

ADHD is so incredibly common. Coaching kids on how to support kids with ADHD could be a step in changing the stigma and lessoning the rejection our kids feel everyday.

I have worked on this list with my son, Xavier. Most of these words are his. It actually made me incredibly proud...

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