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Ep 20 - Alcohol & ADHD with Emma Gilmour

Season #1

In this episode Sharon chats with Emma Gilmour from Hope Rising Coaching about ADHD and alcohol.  Wow!  What a mind blowing episode!  Emma shares her story and gives us practical tips on how we can be intentional about our alcohol consumption and why having neurodiversity in the mix can make this super important. 

Here are the key points and time stamps:

2.06 - What Emma does and why she does it?
3.00 - Emma's journey with alcohol
6.25 - How do Emma's client present?
8.30 - Managing a disregulated nervous system 
10.20 - Emma's strategy for reviewing your relationship with alcohol
12.50 - Alcohol makes you more stressed!
15.30 - Emma's family's story
17.24 - PDA 
20.00 - Autistic burnout
23.00 - Emersion therapy / PDA and autistic burnout
25.33 - Alcohol as a coping mechanism
29.00 - Reframing what we tell ourselves
30.30 - What to do before your party goblin kicks in
33.00 - Hangxiety
35.00 - Having a plan and being intentional

Information about Emma

Hi I'm Emma. A deeply feminist counsellor and coach, helping mid-life bad ass women find their groove without booze. 

I am a counsellor and certified This Naked Mind, Gray Area Drinking & Tuning in to Teens™ parenting coach.  My coaching practice is for parents who want to model a healthy relationship with alcohol for their kids.  I work with people wherever they are on their journey with alcohol and whatever they want their coaching outcome to be: to take a break, to moderate or to go alcohol free. 

My mission is to get rid of the stigma surrounding seeking to change our relationship with alcohol. You will find no shame, blame or judgement in my coaching program. My goal is to help you take back control and find the freedom of making alcohol a small and insignificant part of your life.

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