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Ep 18 - Psychology Strategies for ADHD - Interview with Melinda Gibson

Season #1

In today's episode Sharon chats with Melinda, Child Psychologist.  In this episode they cover what a child psychologist does, how they can support our beautiful ADHD kids and some strategies to help.  

Key Points and Timestamps:

1.50 What does Melinda do and why does she do it?
4.30 Play based therapy
5.20 Why do children see a child psychologist?
8.50 Questions that parents should ask their child's psychologist
11.00 Appointment avoidance
12.30 Strategies that Melinda uses for kids with ADHD
14.20 Sensory seeking and avoiding - empowering your child to meet their own sensory needs
16.40 School strategies - what will your psychologist help with?
19.00 How all the therapies communicate with each other?
20.40 Melinda's advice to parents when they receive negative feedback about their children
24.00 Safeguarding our kids against the increased risk of suicide, addition and incarceration
26.33 Advice for parents of teenagers and recognising "I can't" v "I wont"
28.20 Melinda's 3 key things you can do now to help your children

Melinda is the Director and Principal Psychologist at Muse Psychology. As a child and adolescent psychology practice, Melinda and the Muse team work closely with young people and their families in helping overcome barriers, embrace personal strengths, and achieve positive change. Melinda’s has spent all her professional career working with children and parents. Prior to becoming a psychologist, Melinda spent 17 years as an accredited piano teacher, as well as 5 years as a volunteer music therapist at Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick. Melinda has extensive experience working with various childhood presentations including neurodiversity, mood issues, and trauma. In Muse Psychology's 3 years of operations, it has been named as a finalist for the past two consecutive years in both the ‘Australian Small Business Champion Awards' as well as the ‘The Local Business Awards'. Melinda is a mother of two children and a very loved one-eyed + 100% blind dog named Baxter.

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