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Ep 14 - Money Talks with The ADHD Accountant

Season #1

How are your finances?  ADHD and Money is a BIG TOPIC!  It is something that we probably do not talk about enough. 

In this episode, we chat to Tina @theADHDaccountant and owner of The Diverse Accountants.  She shares with us some seriously good tips to help us manage our finances. 

Here are the key points and timestamps:

1.40 What does Tina do?
2.30 Helping neurodivergent people with their money
3.08 What are the common struggles that people with ADHD have with money?
3.20 Impulsive spending
5.00 Tina's journey with ADHD
8.00 What adjustments Tina made when she found out she had ADHD
9.40 Exercise and ADHD
11.20 Treating yourself with grace
12.10 Tina's money strategies
13.40 What is your relationship with money?
14.40 Strategy for impulsive spending
16.45 Neuroplasticity
19.00 Teaching delayed gratification
20.50 What is the ADHD tax?
22.45 When would some reach out to a money coach?
26.00 What are some steps we can take now to help us with our finances?

Here is Tina's bio:

Hey, I'm Tina!

As ADHDers, we all have our own interests and talents.

Mine is numbers.

When I was little, doing math equations was my favourite hobby. In class, my favourite topic was maths and numbers. It was my stand out subject that I just understood, which was comforting in a world that I didn't understand, and a world that didn't understand me.

As an adult, I still get numbers. They're comforting and can hold my attention like nothing else (ok, maybe cats too!)

However, as good as I was at numbers and my work as an Accountant, I struggled with impulsive spending, budgeting and working out my own money. Typical finance advice was boring and it made me avoid it. So I took matters into my own hands and really found out what worked for my brain... and as I would find out much later, my ADHD brain.

Now I'm on a mission to help other ADHD adults to manage their money in a away that works for their brain. I'll help you find that so you can finally be in a place to work on your money.

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