Ep 12 - Organisation and ADHD with Narelle King

Season #1

In this episode I chat with Narelle all about ADHD and organisation.

Narelle is the founder of Simply Happy, a professional organiser and yoga teacher with an Education background.  She helps individuals and families with organisational challenges to implement simple organisational strategies so that they can create a clutter-free, safe, functional and happy home. She’s a mum to 2 teenagers and has recently been formally identified as neurodivergent.

Here are the highlights:

2.20 - What does a professional organiser do 
5.20 - People craving organisation but not being sure how to make it happen
6.20 - Removing overwhelm - the process
7.10 - Relief felt and body doubling
8.20 - Ensuring the follow through for systems
10.00 - Asking why is this not working and staying curious
12.30 - What it feels like to do Narelle's job
14.30 - Getting stuck in our surroundings
15.00 - Narelle's journey getting diagnosed with ADHD
18.40 - Stopping the negative self talk
19.00 - The ADHD tax
21.30 - Being comforted by a clear space
25.30 - Narelle's tips for a clutter free home

Follow Narelle on her social media:
Website | simplyhappy.com.au
Facebook | facebook.com/simplyhappycircle/
Instagram | instagram.com/simplyhappycircle/
Podcast | simplyhappy.com.au/podcast

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