Ep - 24 - ADHD Friendly Mindfulness with Sammy Wynn

Season #1

Have you been told you need to meditate or practice mindfulness but really struggle with this concept? 

People with ADHD can often have negative feelings about mindfulness. So I wanted to find out strategies that work for the ADHD brain.

Today's interview with the incredible Sammy Wynn.  Sammy is an Integrative Mindfulness and Mindset Practitioner - she is here to give us ADHD friendly strategies to allow us to incorporate mindfulness into our everyday lives in an achievable way. 

There are so many wonderful practical tips in this interview - easy steps that you can take away and try today. 

Key points and timestamps:

2.35m - What does Sammy do? 
4.25m - When clients with ADHD see Sammy
5.00m - ADHD friendly strategies for mindfulness
10.00m - Bringing rushing energy 
13.48m - Incorporating mindfulness into everyday life
15.50m - Creating space for recognising and naming emotions
19.20m - Starting small
20.30m - Starting with grounding
23.30m - Therapeutic journalling
25.00m - Letting go of expectations and checking in

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Here is some information about Sammy:

Sammy Wynn is an award-winning Integrative Mindfulness and Mindset Practitioner, Children’s Mindfulness Teacher and Founder of The Still Space. Sammy is especially dedicated to the mental wellbeing of children, teens and families, creating trustworthy environments where individuals, couples and groups can safely explore both individual emotions and interpersonal relationships. Sammy holds professional membership with the Meditation Association of Australia, is a Coach at the Australian Centre for Meditation and Mindfulness and a 2023 Local Business Awards winner. Sammy's philosophy is that we all have the power to shape who we become through the awareness, understanding and deep honouring of our mindset and inner environment.

Website: https://www.thestillspace.com.au/
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @thestillspaceau
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/sammy-wynn-89b76a2a3


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