Ep 30 - Functional Neurology and ADHD with Gen Dharamaraj

Season #2

Today we have the incredible Gen Dharamaraj from Nurturing Brain Potential chatting with us about functional neurology and ADHD. We discuss:

- How do we support our beautiful kids brain development?
- Why do children with ASD and ADHD have developmental delays?
- What are some easy strategies that we can do at home?

2.20m What does Gen do?
3.15m What is functional neurology?
3.50m The developmental delays 
5.00m The sides of the brain
6.00m Gen's process
7.15m The role of safety and fight or flight
10.00m Primitive reflexes and checking your child's heart rate 
18.50m The vagal theory 
18.49m What does the vagal nerve do?
22.00m How to help regulate our nervous systems
28.00m Strategies for sensory seeking behaviour
37.00m Gen's top 3 tips

Gen's website https://www.nurturingbrainpotential.com.au/
Gen's book https://www.ollietheoctopus.com.au/
Gen's instagram https://www.instagram.com/nurturingbrainpotential/



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