Ep 29 - What does an ADHD Coach do with Michele Toner

Season #2

Do you ever wonder what an ADHD coach does? How can an ADHD Coach assist you in management of ADHD? How do we make sure we are seeing a qualified coach?

In this podcast I chat with my mentor, Michele Toner. Michele is one inspirational human. There is a reason that she is my mentor! She was Australia's first ADHD Coach and shone a light for all that have come after. She is full of wisdom and let's us know more about ADHD coaching and why having the right coach in your corner can be a game changer.

Timestamps and Key Points: 
3.00m What does an ADHD Coach do?
5.30m How did Michele become Australia's first ADHD Coach
8.20m How to become an ADHD Coach
11.00m Why having ADHD specific coach training is important
13.20m What should you look for in an ADHD coach?
14.40m What are the benefits of seeing an ADHD Coach?
17.00m What do people see an ADHD Coach for?
20.30m The ADHD stigma
22.00m Michele's favourite part of being an ADHD Coach


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