Ep 31 - Teenagers and ADHD with Leanne Tran

Season #2

Let's chat about Teenagers with ADHD!  I know so many of you have questions around this topic, so I have bought in Leanne Tran who is a registered Psychologist who specialises in this topic. 

How can we spot the difference between standard Teenage pushing of the boundaries and ADHD symptoms?
How much should we worry about homework?
What should we do about screen time? 

Key Points and Timestamps:
3.00m What does Leanne do?
6.00m How do people present to Leanne in her practice?
7.20m How can we spot the difference between standard teenage behaviour and ADHD?
11.00m Expectations on teenagers today
13.00m Screen time - When to take action?
18.00m How much should we stress about homework?
22.30m Self harm, suicide and the increased risk
28.00m The triggers to notice
29.00m Unconditional positive regard

Leanne is a registered psychologist who began her career working with children and families, and has loved it ever since.  Families see Leanne for assessments to understand Autism, ADHD, Specific Learning Disorders among other things. She has found that there are always people waiting to access support, especially in rural areas. As a result Leanne provides online information for parents about what children need for development, how this can be adapted for kids developing differently, and practical implementation strategies.
Leanne's website https://www.leannetran.com.au/
Parent like a Psychologist Podcast https://learn.leannetran.com.au/podcasts/parent-like-a-psychologist


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