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We're here to help you get your life back and enjoy time with your family. Our 6 week online program, gently steps you through everything that you need to know as a parent of a child with ADHD or behavioural challenges.

***Our program is currently closed for enrolments - we open again on 22 February 2022***


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The ADHD and Families online program opens four times per year.  The next enrolment will open on 22 February 2022.

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Do you have a child that has ADHD or behavioural challenges?

Do you constantly worry about your child and their behaviour? 

Do you often feel like your home life is out of control?

Do you feel like you are aways chasing your tail and wish you could be more organised? 

Do you feel like your whole family could benefit from routine but am not sure how to implement it?

Do you want your home life to flow and day to day tasks to happen automatically?

Do you want more time for fun and joy as a family?

Do you ever feel like your kids are getting the worst of you because you are constantly tired?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, this program will equip you to take control and enjoy more freedom and happiness with your family.


Is this program for me?

This program is for you, the parent. 

We are not trying to ‘Cure’ or ‘Fix’ your child’s ADHD.  We are here to make your home life better and introduce routines and systems to make your family life more functional and more fun.  It is not enough to survive living with ADHD or behavioural challenges - we want your family to thrive.


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Our 6 week program is opening for enrolments on 22 February 2022  If you would like to be notified when we open again please sign up here.  We will also send you some FREE TIPS from time to time (don't worry we will not bombard you with emails). 


What's included in the Program?


Program includes:

  • 6 weeks of daily emails and action steps.  We know you're busy - so we keep text low.  Lots of little action steps add up to big change.
  • Analysing your time – working smarter not harder
  • Finding your team – interviewing your professionals and finding your support network
  • How to talk to teachers and get the best results from your child’s school
  • Organising the home – setting your family up for success
  • Establishing your routine, morning, afternoon and evening
  • Establishing routine for all children, morning, afternoon and evening
  • Life hacks for everyday tasks
  • How to get your child to complete chores
  • Praise and rewards
  • Easy meal planning for busy families
  • Navigating troublesome transitions and melt down hot spots
  • Self Esteem and filling buckets
  • Looking after yourself first
  • Creating time for play in your home


What isn’t:

  • It is not medical advice.
  • We do not discuss medications or any medical treatment (that is up to your Paediatrician)
  • We do not try to ‘Fix’ or ‘Cure’ your child. This course is more about establishing systems to help you, the parent, not only survive but thrive in a challenging environment. 


100% Verified Reviews

Hear from these real parents who have taken and completed the Program.

"I have too many positive things to say about this course and the genuine dedication Sharon has put into the program. The support she provides helps you feel like you are not alone on this journey. Just hearing her voice on the 'check ins' was comforting, she inspires you to keep going and get through it. It is obvious that she has tried and tested these strategies, done amazing research and created an essential course to guide parents especially through the diagnostic phase. The Functional Family support page and emails that come through help support parents as the reality and everyday challenges of the ADHD diagnosis kicks in. Thank you for your passion and dedication Sharon."


"I really enjoyed the effective, everyday strategies. As a family we already have lots of different strategies in place but the Program offered more assistance and things we hadn’t thought of yet. I especially enjoyed the insightful interviews with the professionals and specialists. "


"This Program was fantastic. Now that it has finished I feel like I have just watched a great movie end or finished a great book. I really enjoyed it. The order of topics, the professionalism and structure and how engaging it was with different types of communication and resources was really well done. I learnt a hell of a lot more, have put a lot more strategies into practice within my home and am reaping the rewards. Life has become easier and we are all benefiting as a result. I would highly recommend this program to anyone needing further information, guidance and support. It's everything covered in one location and it's hands on with empowerment and knowledge. "


"This is a fabulous, detailed and simple to implement Program. The pace is just right, with small tasks each day to make it as easy as possible. Sharon is lovely and provided so much extra support and was very responsive to queries and questions. Highly recommend!"


"The ADHD and Families Program should be done by every family that has an ADHD child. It was full of so many suggestions on how to help not only the child but the whole family too. Highly recommend doing the Program."

Kate C

"Wow I made it through! What a wonderful program Sharon has created! So much work and information has gone into it. Well done Sharon! I have mine and the kid's routine in place, I've got them doing jobs and I have my meal plan which has really helped. I'm still working on minimising the house of it's stuff (that's going to be ongoing) but my house is running way more smoother. I love the section on love bombing and finding exclusive time for each child. I also love all the great interviews with some amazing people. I've been telling all my friends and definitely recommend you to anyone who needs help to get their house running more efficiently."


"Would highly recommend the program - the course is jam packed with practical, easy to implement steps to make life easier for a family dealing with ADHD. Well worthwhile."


"I have found the program to be a wonderful source of information, practical ideas and encouragement that has helped me make long lasting changes to my attitude towards my 12 year old son with ADHD, improve processes in our home to create more calm and help the family enjoy each other's company far more. Sharon is such an encouraging and compassionate person whose knowledge and understanding is squarely based in experience. It has been great to have someone like this in my corner! The course is also great value and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling with living with people in their family with ADHD."


Frequently Asked Questions

The program is your survival guide to living with a child with ADHD and/or behavioural issues.  It is everything that I wish I had been told 10 years ago!  We look at the whole family, not just the child.  We learn from the best with interviews with leading experts about ADHD.  We will set up your home for success with the ADHD and Families systems.  Routine, visual cues, easy to use templates and downloadables - we take all the hard work out of this for you and teach you how to incorporate these things into daily life.  This is the complete package.

Once you sign up and the program starts, you receive an email each day with a link to new content.  There will be a short video to watch and one action step to do.  Lots of little actions steps add up to big change.  We know you are short on time.  So we keep our videos short and to the point.

The program goes for 6 weeks. You get access for 6 months!  There is plenty of time to implement the action steps.

This program gives you back time!  I recommend getting up 10 mins earlier and watching the short video first thing, then making a plan for how you are going to action the action step. We deliberately keep content straight to the point and provide all the downloadable routines etc to make your life easier.  Basically we take the hard work out for you.

Yes.  ADHD and Families systems benefit all children and families.  This will also put you in a great and knowledgeable position should you need to get a diagnosis in the future.

We can certainly help you with this.

Please click this link to see our NDIS FAQ's 

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for your course! My son is on the borderline with a couple of issues and I have a daughter who doesn't sleep very well. Being sleep deprived and overwhelmed with all the stuff in our home and the never-ending to-do list, has left me not doing anything due to lack of energy and enthusiasm! However, since going through your course and implementing your hacks, I feel so much more in control and inspired when I am at home! I finally have the mental space to undertake hobbies I've been putting off, things that fill up my cup! It has had a positive effect on my relationship with my husband (as he can't stand clutter and mess). Having less stuff certainly is more! Thanks for sharing your wisdom. I really appreciate it!"

Jessica-Jane Yung

"Finding this Program has impacted our whole family to come united in smoothing out our structures, roles and responsibilities and given us further insight to what our boy needs. A beautiful supportive perspective from someone who walks this same journey is one who you want in your corner. Sharon is real, compassionate, knowledgeable and such a beautiful person to connect with everyday."


"I would highly recommend this course to anyone, even parents of children without ADHD / ASD etc as its all round approach simplifies parenting freeing up more time to enjoy the journey"


"The course provides some really great, easy to implement actions that will help anyone going through this journey with their child / children. It’s well presented in easily digestible chunks - very happy we went through this!"


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Our 6 week program is opening for enrolments on 22 February 2022.  If you would like to be notified when we open again please sign up here.  We will also send you some FREE TIPS from time to time (don't worry we will not bombard you with emails). 

We are opening soon!

The ADHD and Families Program will open again at 8am on 22 February 2022 (Sydney time).









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