Ep 17 - Let's solve your Family's Predictable Problems with Sharon Collon

Season #1

You know those problems that keep coming up for your family...?  Those little points of friction that cause your whole body to tense?  I call these predictable problems. If they keep coming up... let's workshop these together.

Key points and time stamps:

3.20 Meltdowns are distressing but that it not what causes burn out
4.02 People who support people with ADHD also end up with disregulated nervous systems
4.40 Solving predictable problems as a family
6.00 Collaborating with our family members
6.46 Everything is figureoutable
7.10 Black or white thinking with ADHD
8.44 How to address a predictable problem
11.46 When to address a predictable problem
13.57 What is active listening?
14.56 The Why is important
15.50 What are 3 possible solutions?
17.00 Why do we come up with 3 solutions?
20.00 Example of workshopping a predictable problem

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